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Ken Saves on Fuel With His Soul EV Luxury

After falling in love with the idea of light services on electric and less mechanical issues he had to get away from fuel and go clean. With the help of his sales person Troy Plexman, Ken made his selection, a 2020 KIA Soul EV Luxury and boy is it a change for the better. With a range of 383km with one charge on this Limited Edition and all of the programs out there to bring the price down, it all came together.  We welcome Ken and his new electric Soul to West Coast KIA and the West Coast Auto Group family.  We are pretty sure you are not going to miss all of those gas station stops!


Sales representative Troy Plexman met Sherri in the West Coast KIA showroom for the first time while she was comparing the KIA Niro with other similar-sized vehicles on her list.  Troy was quickly able to show Sherri all the benefits that come from owning this award-winning Hybrid.  After speaking with Troy and gaining all of the knowledge that he was able to provide about the Niro Hybrid Sherri quickly realized that this was the vehicle she wanted.

Once her mind was made up, she chose this beautiful dark grey.  As a proud new owner of the 2019 KIA Niro Hybrid Sherri was able to truly celebrate, as it was her Birthday present.  Happy Birthday again Sherri and thank you for becoming another Happy member of the West Coast KIA family!


After searching high and low to find a reliable and attractive SUV, Kara and Archie had to look no further after stopping in at West Coast KIA and meeting their salesperson Troy Plexman and the 2020 Kia Telluride SX!

KIA is currently offering one of the best SUV’s on the market today and after a test drive this happy couple realized what all the hype about this SUV is.  There has been no KIA like this before and when it comes to safety and features Kara knew exactly what she wanted for her growing family.

The Telluride was awarded the Canadian SUV of the year and if you’re shopping for a new vehicle this is a must-drive!  Troy and the rest of the team at West Coast KIA in Pitt Meadows, welcome you to the KIA and the West Coast Auto Group family.  We expect that we will be seeing this happy couple around town showing off their new vehicle!


Bryan and Liz’s Soul Checks Off All the Boxes

What a happy day, after driving the same vehicle for almost 10 years it was time to consider what vehicle would meet the family needs when it came down to budget, fuel economy and usefulness you guessed it, the KIA Soul ended up being a perfect fit for to check off all the boxes. If you or someone you know is looking to get into a new vehicle, the timing couldn’t be better.  This month the 2019 KIA Soul has a great cash incentive or a 0% finance charge for up to 84 months. Sales representative Troy Plexman gets in on the fun while snapping a couple of great photos with new KIA Soul owners Bryan and Liz Kim, Congratulations to you both and welcome to a Dealership who knows that their customers are number one!


For the past few years Brian had leased a KIA Optima SX Turbo from West Coast KIA and just recently decided that it was time to turn it in and find a new vehicle that would work for the whole family.  Here is Brian happily standing in front of one of KIA’s largest and newest additions, the 2020 Kia Telluride.

If you’re looking for an AWD vehicle and you’re a busy person with family this 8 passenger Telluride would be a great fit. When Brian first started looking into replacing his Optima, he took a look at both the Optima and the new Stinger and loved them.  However, his practical side took over and he started looking at Van’s and Sorento’s. After much thought, this Telluride ended up fitting the family’s needs in both size and usefulness. Once you drive a Telluride it’s hard not to love it.

Troy Plexman and the team at West Coast KIA wish Brian and his family all the best and many years of amazing driving! ​


With the rising cost of gas every day, sales representative Troy Plexman took some extra time to discuss the idea of going all Electric with Barbara.  Once they reviewed the options like the $6,000 scrap it certificate, for her used vehicle, the $5,000 Provincial rebate and the $4,000 discount provided by KIA Canada along with the $1,000 ECO Bonus, it just made sense for Barbara to get a 2019 Kia Soul EV Luxury!

But wait there’s more…a few days prior to Barbara taking delivery the Federal Government announced an additional $5,000 rebate, so what did West Coast KIA do?  We called Barbara right away to have her wait a few more days to take advantage of this new rebate to save even more money!  Just look at how happy she is.  Everyone here at West Coast KIA wishes you and your new Soul many miles of worry-free and gas-free driving.  Congratulations!


After owning a 2016 KIA Sorento for a few years, Lori decided it was time to downsize from her larger SUV.  So, she stopped by West Coast KIA to talk to sales representative Troy Plexman.

Troy showed her the 2019 KIA Forte that has been completely remodelled and updated with tons of safety features and fuel economy like never before. At first, she tried the basic model, which she really loved, but once she realized how reasonable the cost, she decided to go for the top of the line model.

Once you drive a KIA it does not matter what model you’re changing to. They all feel great to drive and have huge safety ratings. West Coast KIA would like to thank Lori for her ongoing patronage and wish her all the best in her brand new 2019 Kia Forte EX Limited. Who knows maybe she will be back for something newer and even more advanced in a few years and if she is, she can depend on the staff at West Coast KIA to make sure everything is perfect!

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Paula and Wendy have been customers at West Coast KIA for many years.  Recently they found their KIA Sorento was getting on in age and decided that it was time for a new one.  With the help of their sales person Troy Plexman and all of the staff at West Coast KIA it wasn’t long before this couple were driving back to Hope in their new vehicle.  Thank you both for your business and for your loyalty to West Coast KIA!


Mike said goodbye to his Kia Borrego and saying hello to his New 2020 Kia Telluride! Mike Holmgren was the first one on the list wanting the big SUV when the Tellurides came in.  As soon as Mike saw this vehicle, he was intrigued but had a hard time deciding to let go of his beloved Kia Borego. In the end, he made his move and is now a proud owner of the first Telluride sold with the help of his salesperson Troy Plexman at West Coast Kia!  Congratulations Mike and thank you for your repeat business!!


At West Coast KIA we love to help people and when it comes to our dealership, Troy Plexman is number one in that department. After listening and learning what his customer’s needs are Troy is able to find the perfect vehicle to fit their needs and budget.

Troy did his very best for this happy couple Nakita and Matt and found a vehicle that worked well for both. When Nakita and Matt came to the dealership their requirements were safety and usability for now and into their future.  With children, it was all about being safe and getting from A to B and what better way to do that than with All Wheel Drive and locking four-wheel drive?

With the help of Troy they looked at the Sorento AWD and the Sportage LX AWD, after much consideration they decided on the beautiful Sportage EX and loved it.  Welcome to the West Coast KIA family Nakita and Matt, Troy and the team wish you many years of great driving ahead.