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John’s Bursting with Pure Happiness Getting His New KIA Sorento from Troy at West Coast KIA

John Kia Sorento

In this delightful snapshot taken by Troy Plexman, your Salesperson, we witness the happiness radiating from John as he takes possession of his brand new 2023 KIA Sorento SX.

John is surrounded by his proud mother, jubilant brother, and his brother’s girlfriend, all sharing in this moment of pure happiness. The Gray exterior of his sleek Sorento shimmers, reflecting the joy and excitement that fill the air. Inside, the red leather interior adds a vibrant pop of color, symbolizing the exhilaration and passion that John feels as he embarks on countless adventures with his cherished family by his side.

This heartwarming picture captures the essence of dreams that a new car brings.

Congratulations to John on this milestone—a celebration of his aspirations, personal style, and the extraordinary memories yet to be created on the open road with his beloved KIA Sorento.

Welcome John to our family here at West Coast KIA. We will be there every step of the way to make sure your journeys with this SUV stay amazing!

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