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Check out the new 2022 Kia Sorento PHEV

Discover the 2022 Kia Sorento PHEV – The SUV that does it all. 🚘
Get all of the performance you crave from the Sorento with a fuel-efficient hybrid and plug-in hybrid engine.
– Fully electric driving range of 51 km
– 1,274L of cargo space behind the 2nd row
– 6 Passenger seating
– All the latest advanced technology Kia has to offer
Visit the team at West Coast Kia to pre-order your 2022 Kia Sorento PHEV today!

Shaylene showing off her brand new 2021 KIA Sorento AWD SUV

Every so often, a new vehicle really changes things and here is Shaylene showing off her brand new 2021 KIA Sorento AWD SUV.  After looking to move out of her current SUV and into something newer Shaylene reached out to Troy Plexman at West Coast Kia and determined that it was worth making the change and keeping her payments within budget.  Shaylene traveled a fair distance to West Coast Kia to make this purchase and absolutely loves her new Sorento! Good communication, a fair deal and great financing make all the difference. So, if you’re looking for a newer vehicle and want some real numbers that make sense, then call West Coast Kia in Pitt Meadows and talk with a team member. We are here to help get you into the vehicle that you need and want. Congratulations on your new SUV Shaylene and welcome to the West Coast KIA family!



Take advantage of the many great benefits and features of our Kia Certified Pre-Owned program when you purchase this 2018 Kia Rio5 LX+ at West Coast Kia!

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What a great day, after meeting and speaking to Troy Plexman at West Coast KIA, the Velez family decided it was time to get out of an older SUV and into something that could them through the next 10 years of driving.  Looking around at all of the various SUV’s on the market today, it just made sense that KIA with their amazing warranty and great interest rates ended top of the list.  The KIA Sportage was a clear winner with its safety and performance features as well as the Dynamic all-wheel drive and high crash safety rating its known for! Troy and the team at West Coast KIA are very happy to add these great folks to the group, welcome to West Coast KIA and the West Coast Auto group family!


Florence was attending the Vancouver Auto Show when she met West Coast KIA Sales representative Troy Plexman.  Florence immediately recognized that Troy was very knowledgeable on the vehicles and decided to travel to Pitt Meadows, BC from Vancouver, BC to acquire her new Kia Soul. Florence met with sales representatives Troy Plexman and Pierre Comtois and after test driving the car she loved, she worked out a very good deal.  Thank you, Florence for your trust and for taking the time to come out and see us here at West Coast KIA.


Dawn Hits the Road in a Sorento

Dawn of Maple Ridge knew she wanted a Kia Sorento and was looking for a used one, but when she saw the 2017 she decided to go new. Dawn was very excited to take delivery of her new KIA from her sales person Charlie Tran. She plans to take her new SUV on many road trips.  Enjoy your new vehicle Dawn and welcome to the West Coast KIA Family!