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Gerry & Kim Are Ready to Embark on Great Adventures with Their New KIA Sportage EX Premium!

On a cloudy day, Gerry and Kim stood outside the dealership, their smiles filled with excitement and anticipation. In front of them gleamed the 2023 KIA Sportage EX Premium, a temporary vehicle in a striking pearl white hue and red interior, chosen to bridge the gap until their backordered vehicle arrives in the future. After driving the same vehicle for 18 years it was time for a change and what a great change this is.

Sale person Troy handed the car keys to Gerry and Kim, who eagerly hopped into the vehicle, ready to embark on their adventures. Gerry settled beside her, his eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. They knew that although this Sportage was a temporary solution, it would still create memorable experiences along the way. With weddings, trips and a summer full of fun.

With a turn of the key, the engine sprang to life, fueling their sense of adventure. They drove away from the dealership, leaving behind their anticipation and dreams for their awaited vehicle. The cloudy sky overhead added a touch of mystique to their journey, as if foreshadowing the exciting moments to come.

And so, as they drove away, the Sportage carried them forward, serving as a reminder of the upcoming future where their backordered vehicle would soon be waiting. On that cloudy day without rain, Gerry and Kim embraced the promise of new beginnings and the excitement that their awaited vehicle would bring, looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead.

Here at West Coast KIA, we aim to please all of our customers. Welcome Gerry and Kim to our family here at West Coast KIA, let the journey begin!

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