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Troy at West Coast Kia Helps Dave and Son Get Into Electric Driving with the New Kia Niro WAVE EV!

In this heartwarming photo, we see Dave and his son beaming with joy as they pick up the brand new 2024 KIA Niro WAVE EV from West Coast KIA.

It’s a day filled with anticipation and excitement as they make the remarkable transition from a traditional fuel-powered car to an all-electric wonder. With a commitment to sustainability and a brighter future, they’re ready to embrace the many benefits of electric driving, from reducing their carbon footprint to experiencing the quiet, emission-free thrill of electric mobility.

This moment symbolizes a significant step forward for Dave’s family, as they embark on a new era of environmentally conscious and cost-effective transportation, and the smiles on their faces tell the story of a promising and happy journey ahead.

Adding to the joy of this special day, their salesperson, Troy Plexman, is also welcoming them to the West Coast KIA family as they drive off in their new EV. Troy’s expertise and guidance in choosing the perfect electric vehicle made the transition seamless and enjoyable. They not only gained an incredible new car but also a new friend in Troy, who, like them, is dedicated to the values of sustainability and forward-thinking transportation.

As they drive into the electric future, they know they have a dealership and a salesperson who will continue to support and guide them every step of the way.

Again, welcome to the family. If its an all electric you’re looking for then call West Coast KIA today and ask for Sales.

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