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Mrs.Lee Loves Her New Kia Soul EX!

unnamed (34)

Mrs. Lee bought a brand new Kia Soul EX from sales associate Ray Yoo and she absolutely loves it! Congratulations!!

unnamed (38)

Congratulations to Ray Yoo’s happy customer Julie C. of Vancouver and her family on taking delivery of her new 2017 Kia Sorento!


unnamed (3)Ray Yoo’s Happy customer Mike H. of Mission recently took delivery of his new Kia Sorento. Congratulations Mike on your 2nd vehicle from West Coast Kia!


Congratulations to Sales Associate, Ray Yoo customers Jihye and Hyuk Joon from Burnaby, BC on the purchase of their beautiful new 2017 KIA Sportage! They just came to Canada and wanted to get a great SUV and the Kia Sportage was the only car they wanted.


Kia Runs In The Family

Scott KozolScott Kozol loves his dads Kia Sportage and when he was looking for a car for himself, Kia was on your list. After shopping and comparing the competition he chose the Kia Forte and Ray Yoo. Thank Scott!


Come Get Some Soul – A Black Soul SX!

Megan Jones (375 x 500)
Megan Jones bought this 2015 Kia Soul from Ray Yoo. She just totaled a Kia Optima and she wanted to go back to a Kia. The Kia Soul was her first choice and after looking at different models she chose the nicest one – Black Soul SX!


2014 Kia Soul | Top of the List

car (450 x 600)

Paul Chiu was looking for a very specific Kia Soul and his wife wanted only the grey color. They did a lot of research online to find the perfect car and 2014 Kia Soul was on the top of their list. It took a month to find the color she wanted but at West Coast Kia we are always up for the challenge! Thank you for your business Paul and welcome to the West Coast Family!


Buy New And Avoid Stumbling Blocks :)

Christine Davey

Christine Davey had a 2011 Kia Sportage and already knew and loved Kia. She and Mark were looking to upgrade to a pre-owned Sorento but there was a stumbling block with every unit they seen. Too many kilomitres or not new enough or simply not a perfect fit.  At the end, with the help of her sales rep Ray Yoo, Christine decided not to compromise and get a new 2015 Kia Sorento EX with a sunroof and West Coast Kia had one in stock! A few accessories later it was the perfect SUV for Christine. Thank you for your business and welcome to the West Coast Family!


This Is Not Their First Time Here

Jessica Ware and Jason Soolaman (450 x 600)

Jessica Ware and Jason Soolaman already had a vehicle from West Coast Kia. This time they decided to upgrade to something more interesting. They loved their 2013 Kia Rio SX but it was time to get a bigger, more interesting Kia. After a long browse  and Ray Yoo’s help, Jessica saw a 2014 Optima hybrid Premium and loved it! After a week of anticipation we got the car in the color they wanted in. Thank you for your continuance business and as always – we’ll see you at service!


More Clearance in a Soul

Steven Pelly (450 x 600)

Steven Pelly was looking for a car that was higher off the ground but not an SUV. When Ray Yoo chowed him the 2014 Kia Soul, Steven loved the design! This is the vehicle that fits his every need! Thank you for your business and welcome to the West Coast Kia Family!