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2016 Kia Soul EX

Mike is Striking in His Inferno Red Soul EX

Congratulations are in order for Mike Fogarty on the purchase of his 2016 Kia Soul EX! Mike’s 2007 Dodge Dakota had served him well but it was time to find a vehicle that was practical and didn’t go through as much gas as the V8 in his Dodge required. Sales Consultant Ken Miscisco introduced Mike to our ex-lease returns that have very low kilometers good options and better yet, great pricing! Mike decided on the Inferno Red Soul and very happy with trade-in value for his vehicle. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, we showed him our exclusive Owner’s Package with valued added service provided by West Coast KIA.  Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the West Coast KIA family.


Jillian Ends Summer in a Soul EX+

Congratulations Jillian Knuttila on the purchase of your 2016 Kia Soul EX+. Jillian was looking for a vehicle to replace her well-loved Honda Civic and after researching available brands in the market she had her heart set on the Kia Soul. The practicality of the Soul, as a great blend of SUV and car, intrigued her curiosity. She also factored in its 5-star Top Safety Pick rating and strong warranty. Meeting with sales consultant Ken Miscisco, Jillian was impressed with the benefits that West Coast KIA offers and took advantage of our ‘END OF SUMMER SALE’ and our low kilometer lease return. With a few colour choices, Jillian ended up choosing the Polar White and is now the proud owner of 2016 KIA SOUL EX+. Ken and the rest of the staff at West Coast Kia thank-you for your business and welcome you to the West Coast Kia family!


Carli is Ecstatic in Her Soul EX

Carli Stoyanowski is taking delivery of her 2016 KIA Soul EX. After test driving a number of Kia Souls from other dealerships, Carli met sales consultant Ken Miscisco. She was impressed with Ken’s no pressure approach and shocked with the selection low kilometre lease returns and the variety of colours. Carli was delighted to find her preferred colour of Titanium Grey.  She was also able to take advantage of our West Coast Kia exclusive OWNERS PACKAGE consisting of free lifetime oil and filter changes, free car washes, free service loaner, and free tire repair. Ken Miscisco and the rest of the staff at West Coast Kia thank you for your business and welcome to the West Coast Kia family!


Sales representative Troy Plexman received a few calls from Bill Kerr regarding our 2016 KIA Soul EX+ in Alien Green and after describing the details over the phone and being able to save Mr. Kerr thousands over purchasing a new one, that did the trick. Once the Kerr’s came in from the Island they found that the vehicle and purchase were exactly as described and that made for some very happy customers.  Wishing you both many years of fun and looks from all of your friends on the island. Now all you need to do is give it a name; maybe Envy since it’s green!


Mrs.Lee Loves Her New Kia Soul EX!

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Mrs. Lee bought a brand new Kia Soul EX from sales associate Ray Yoo and she absolutely loves it! Congratulations!!