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2014 Kia Soul

Trust and Security are Found at West Coast Kia

Today I am writing to you to commend the West Coast KIA Service Department

I want to thank your service department for the excellent service I received from Dylan Lopez, Mobeen Mohammed and the rest of your team.

I think as a consumer it should be dually noted the honesty of your service team shows that they truly have your customer’s best interest at heart, in today’s world that is a great asset that should not go unnoted. You see on June 5th, 2014                          

 West Coast KiaI brought my 2001 KIA MAGENTIS in for repairs. Your team repaired the problem (we thought) at that time. Then yesterday July 16th, 2014 my car started doing the same thing again. When I spoke with the service manager he very quickly made arrangements to have my car brought in at 10:00AM the following morning to diagnose the problem. So today I brought my car back into the service department. While I relaxed in your very comfortable waiting area to see what the diagnoses was. I enjoyed a fresh coffee, while doing so your service manger came back to speak to me about 30 minutes later. He said I have some news about your car. I was like… oh okay thinking to myself how much is this going to cost me now. I was very surprised and pleased when the manager told me that they KIA would take care of the cost to fix the problem as I had just had my car in on June 5th for the exact same problem. Then he supplied me with a loaner vehicle a 2014 KIA SOUL very nice car by the way.

The repair was no charge because they had repaired the car so recently. Having a mechanic that one can trust gives a welcome sense of security in today’s world. I will recommend WEST COAST KIA to all my friends.


Johanne Foulds of RJF Janitorial


What’s Our Secret?

At West Coast Kia we are often asked what’s our secret when it comes to providing exceptional customer service and making our customers happy? It’s simple: an honest and fun approach to selling you a vehicle that you can depend on.  There are no gimmicks, there’s no pressure. Just ask West Coast Kia sales rep Justin Sheaves, who recently received the following card from his new customer Linda Prince.

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2014 Kia Soul | Top of the List

car (450 x 600)

Paul Chiu was looking for a very specific Kia Soul and his wife wanted only the grey color. They did a lot of research online to find the perfect car and 2014 Kia Soul was on the top of their list. It took a month to find the color she wanted but at West Coast Kia we are always up for the challenge! Thank you for your business Paul and welcome to the West Coast Family!


More Clearance in a Soul

Steven Pelly (450 x 600)

Steven Pelly was looking for a car that was higher off the ground but not an SUV. When Ray Yoo chowed him the 2014 Kia Soul, Steven loved the design! This is the vehicle that fits his every need! Thank you for your business and welcome to the West Coast Kia Family!


2014 Kia Soul Review

Come down to West Coast KIA and see how the new 2014 KIA Soul can bring a little more pizazz to your life. Not only does it come with funky styling features, it also comes with a plethora of available features. [continue reading…]