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KIA Sportage

Getting into a new vehicle can be a very exciting time, especially when you’re getting behind the wheel of the new Kia Sportage!

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What a great day, after meeting and speaking to Troy Plexman at West Coast KIA, the Velez family decided it was time to get out of an older SUV and into something that could them through the next 10 years of driving.  Looking around at all of the various SUV’s on the market today, it just made sense that KIA with their amazing warranty and great interest rates ended top of the list.  The KIA Sportage was a clear winner with its safety and performance features as well as the Dynamic all-wheel drive and high crash safety rating its known for! Troy and the team at West Coast KIA are very happy to add these great folks to the group, welcome to West Coast KIA and the West Coast Auto group family!


The Barbato’s Become Kia Family in a Sportage

As a salesperson you always want to do well for your customers and sometimes your customers do not forget about you and this is one of those stories. Our sales associate Troy Plexman has worked at a few different dealerships and most recently received a call from Mr. Barbato, a gentleman that he had sold a truck to many years ago.  Mr. Barbato indicated to Troy that he had sought him out in his new position with West Coast KIA and that he was now in the market for a KIA.  After the Barbato’s came to speak with Troy it took them just a short time to make sure the price was right and that the trim level matched what they wanted.  The KIA Sportage just made sense, it’s a great looking vehicle with a lockable AWD 4WD system that will be sure to take care of them during any season. Troy was very pleased to hear from the Barbato’s and even happier to be able to help them with their second purchase through him. Troy and the West Coast KIA team thank you for your business and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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TLC Solutions Equips Their Team With New Kia’s!


Congratulations to the employees of TLC Solutions on your new white Kia Sportage’s! Owner, Mr. Yoo was extremely happy getting new wheels for his employees, now having his team driving in comfort and style. Thank you for choosing West Coast Kia to help you and your team.


Mike Chooses KIA Again and Again

Mike purchased a KIA Rio LX Plus at West Coast KIA on Halloween night in 2013. Back in 2002, they made their first KIA purchase in the area. That Sportage lasted them nearly 13 years! It was an excellent car, but he felt the Rio was more practical with better fuel economy, as well as beautiful.

They started their searching online, doing tons of comparisons among models – couldn’t find a better car than the Rio. The salesman, Justin, was excellent. Really good at letting Mike make our own discoveries while able to answer all his detailed questions. [continue reading…]