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West Coast Kia Service Department

West Coast Kia Tire Experts are here to help you select the right tires for your Kia and your driving requirements.

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2016-02-19_1615Dear Mr. Clysdale:

I have been using your West Coast Kia service department since purchasing my 2014 Optima Turbo SX in August 2014 and I am writing this letter to formally and publicly commend one of your employees for the excellent service he has provided me over this time and more recently, during my last service visit.  The level of service that your Assistant Service Manager Nic Mennie has extended to me has been far beyond my expectations.

The reason I am writing now is I recently brought my car in for a regular service and before bringing it in I noticed there was water in the driver’s side year outer left taillight.  I mentioned this to Nic and my concern there was a leak and an excessive amount of condensation inside the lens, so much so it was obviously noticeable on my once-over/ walk-around of my car before bringing it in for service. [continue reading…]