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KIA Sportage SX.

John and Anita Head to the Okanagan in Their Sportage

Congratulations to this wonderful couple, John and Anita, who just purchased a brand new top of the line KIA Sportage SX from Troy Plexman! After owning their previous vehicle for over 10 years it was time to be spoiled all over again. We know they will have many years of fun, reliability and safe driving when it comes to the Sportage.

Troy says he was sad to hear that they were moving to the Okanagan, but knows that their new AWD Sportage will keep them going straight and true through the wintery weather. Troy is also pretty sure we will still be seeing them occasionally when they come to the lower mainland for their 6-month service intervals! We wish you all the best for the move and now that you have your winter tires on you’re ready for anything that comes your way!