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KIA Sedona

Looking for more room for a large family sometimes makes you think of a van and that’s what works for the Jorgenson family! Take a look at this great picture and imagine all that you can fit in life with the KIA Sedona van!

Feeling that it was time to upgrade to a new van the Jorgensen’s met with West Coast KIA Sales Person Troy Plexman, after learning all about the van and it’s excellent safety ratings it just made sense.

Troy and the KIA team welcome the Jorgensen family to West Coast KIA and are looking forward to hearing all about their adventures!

Remember even the basic KIA van is very well equipped with heat and air conditioning in the ceilings and nice factory tinted windows as well as power windows all around for everyone. This is a winning van and this family knows it, congrats again on your new Sedona.


Chris Levels Up Business in a Sedona

With the help of sales person Doug Klinck, new owner Chris bought a brand new KIA Sedona for his delivery business! Previously driving a Dodge, Chris wanted to try something new. We appreciate your business and know that you will have many years of worry-free driving with your new Sedona.  Welcome to the West Coast Family Chris!