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Kia Rio 5

Sales Representative Troy Plexman was able to help Sandra and her Father Hector sort out just the right vehicle to replace the troublesome car they currently owned. After spending a little time with Hector introducing the all-new KIA Rio 5 it just made sense that this was the right car.  It can be hard to find a nice manual shift vehicle with the right options but with KIA this year they added a backup camera, air conditioning, heated seat and heated leather steering to their manual line up.  When Sandra came in she mentioned to Troy that she would only drive manual and was very happy to hear about the new features in the Rio.  After a good long test drive, Sandra came back in with a huge smile and agreed that her Father had found the right vehicle for her and she loves it! At West Coast KIA we try our hardest every day to make sure all of our customers are happy with their vehicle, service and budget.  If you are looking to be surprised and well looked after, maybe its time to come drive a KIA at West Coast KIA and see for yourself!!