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2019 KIA Niro Hybrid

Sherri Celebrates Her Birthday With a Niro Hybrid

Sales representative Troy Plexman met Sherri in the West Coast KIA showroom for the first time while she was comparing the KIA Niro with other similar-sized vehicles on her list.  Troy was quickly able to show Sherri all the benefits that come from owning this award-winning Hybrid.  After speaking with Troy and gaining all of the knowledge that he was able to provide about the Niro Hybrid Sherri quickly realized that this was the vehicle she wanted.

Once her mind was made up, she chose this beautiful dark grey.  As a proud new owner of the 2019 KIA Niro Hybrid Sherri was able to truly celebrate, as it was her Birthday present.  Happy Birthday again Sherri and thank you for becoming another Happy member of the West Coast KIA family!