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2018 KIA Stinger AWD

Hailee and Matt Had to Have the Kia Stinger

After seeing the new KIA Stinger it wasn’t “should I buy that?,” it was “when can I buy that!”

Hailee and Matt are the proud owners of the all-new 2018 KIA Stinger AWD and its a beauty, with its amazing good looks and incredible awe-inspiring performance. Sales representative Troy Plexman had the privilege to deal with Hailee and Matt as well as their young son Chase.  Showing them the benefits and safety features of this amazing AWD car. Taking the time to go over all the features was a pleasure and when it came to the final price and arranged lease Troy was able to help sort this out and had this family smiling from ear to ear.

They will have years of fun with their new vehicle and KIA’s first ever true Gran Turismo race car.  It functions as a daily driver as well as a “hold on to your hat and heart”all-out race sedan with its 365 horsepower and 375 lbs-ft of torque. All backed by a true 5 year Comprehensive Warranty. If you are ready for something as safe and fast as the Stinger, why not give Troy a call (604-460-9111) as these vehicles are limited in supply and you won’t want to miss out!