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2018 KIA Sorento V6 EX+

Smiling Big in a Sorento V6 EX+

Troy Plexman’s customers, Valen and Sharleen are now the proud owners of a brand new 2018 KIA Sorento V6 EX+. When Valen and Sharleen came by to consider their next step in vehicles for the family a van or an SUV were in the running.  After driving a van for several years the lure of the SUV was there.  After test driving both the Sedona and the Sorento the love for the Sorento was clear and with the added benefits of its 7 passenger seating, AWD and locking 4 wheel drive the Sorento was going home with them. Take a look at how happy they are with their new Sorento SUV. Congratulations Valen and Sharleen, we can’t wait to hear all of the great stories you will have this summer with your new family ride.