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2018 KIA Rio 5 Door Hatchback

Leslie Prepares For Her Future Driver With a Rio 5

What a great time to buy a new car, Leslie Lutter came in to speak with salesperson Troy Plexman about getting out of her now older car. Leslie wanted a vehicle that would not only be great on fuel but also offers a few modern conveniences.  After some deliberation, she selected the all-new 2018 KIA Rio 5 door hatchback, for many reasons.  As with all parents, safety and reliability were top of mind, but the icing on the cake was that the KIA Rio had GPS, plus the new UVO Telematics system that offers her the ability to start the car from an app.  This will be a great feature since her daughter is now 15 and will be driving as early as next year.  Now, mom can just look on the phone to see where the vehicle is at and know that her daughter has arrived safely. Innovative design and intelligent safety what more could you ask for!