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2017 KIA Sportage AWD

Stasha Adds Reliable Comfort With a Sportage AWD

Looking and falling in love with something is easy if you ask Stasha, West Coast KIA representative Troy Plexman met and worked with Stasha over a week or two to make sure the vehicle was just right and could do some amazing things. If you could see the picture of her home in the middle of last winter, you all would know why she picked the 2017 KIA Sportage AWD with locking 4WD. It was snow and we mean a ton of snow all over the place. Stasha had a variety of needs; good on fuel, AWD, comfort and budget, and Troy found her the right vehicle at the right price. It is wonderful that we could meet her budget and find the exact red that she wanted. All of the staff at West Coast wish Stasha and her family many years of enjoyable and reliable driving in her new Sportage. Thank you for adding yourself to our huge group of great people at West Coast Auto Group, Cheers and Thank you for your business!!