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2017 Kia Soul EV

John and Liya Go Green With a Soul EV

Well, it looks like we have a new happy customer that is looking forward to years of enjoyment with their new 2017 KIA Soul EV all-electric vehicle from Troy Plexman. When Troy met the Runnalls family they had done some homework and just knew this was the right deal. Not only did they manage a great price, they also received a great trade in for their outgoing car from BC Scrap-it.  The program gives up to $6,000 towards a trade-in when you buy electric and the government is giving up to an additional $5,000.  This happy family has realized the savings and we are sure they will be telling their friends too. We love it when a plan comes together and would like to invite everyone in to learn about electric vehicles and the way they are changing our roadways. Thank you, John and family, for your business and welcome to the West Coast family.  Enjoy your new vehicle for many years of low maintenance driving.


Now this is news!! About a week ago this great family purchased an all-electric 2017 KIA Soul. They had wanted to get away from the ever-increasing costs involved in owning a vehicle. Now the family is well on its way to maintenance free and no fuel worry. Ricardo just bought an all-electric Soul EV and yesterday his wife Sharra came in and decided to trade in their KIA Sportage for another all-electric 2017 KIA Soul EV! Sharra might have wanted to wait for the 2018 KIA Niro Hybrid but after owning one electric Soul they both agreed they just didn’t want to deal with fuel anymore. Sharra came in and bought one for herself and it looks great. Her husband Ricardo has the white with blue trim and Sharra got the Blue one with white trim. Their salesperson Troy is truly amazed at both of them and their decision. Take a look at how happy Sharra is, Troy is so very proud to have helped be a part of this dream come true. Come in and ask for Troy in sales to make your big change today!


Ricardo and Sharra Go Electric With an EV

Considering everything when it comes to buying a vehicle is a very important step these days with the introduction of all-electric vehicles and their huge savings. Ricardo and his Wife Sharra understand this well! With the minimal amount of maintenance on an all-electric vehicle and not having any fuel cost, makes all-electric the intelligent decision overall. After going over the 2017 Kia Soul EV it was love at first look and the test drive sealed the deal. There is just something about making a payment but having not to spend any more money that Ricardo and Sharra completely understood. Troy Plexman at West Coast KIA in sales said that these customers really loved the huge savings that this vehicle will give them going to electric over gas.  Many are starting to consider that electric is the future and the future is now! Welcome to the West Coast Family!


2017 Kia Soul EV Review

2017 Kia Soul EV | Futuristic Power

Unleash your potential in the 2017 Kia Soul EV as you embark with a refined sense of capability without compromising on efficiency. This modern electric car features zero emissions performance and an array of bio-based materials for one of the most eco-friendly vehicles yet. Take on more through its advanced four-door design as you enjoy seating for up to five individuals. Available trim levels include the EV, the EV Luxury and the EV Luxury Sunroof. [continue reading…]