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Kia Mobility Program | All Things Are Possible

Kia Mobility Program

Pledge to Assistance

Advanced technology has been made available to those who seek assistance in driving a vehicle. At West Coast Kia, we pledge to take action and allow for this technology to become readily available to all those who require it. Through the Kia Mobility Program, Kia welcomes the opportunity to offer assistance to individuals who require an adaptive aid to drive a Kia vehicle.


This program offers a rebate of up to $750 towards the purchase and installation of special equipment on a Kia vehicle. Rebate assistance can be used to reduce the selling price of a Kia vehicle (before taxes), as long as the applicant meets the required terms and conditions. This rebate helps make purchasing a vehicle with special additions a more affordable option.


Qualifying for the Kia Mobility Program is simple. Customers who wish to utilize this program to get reimbursed for the installation of specialty equipment must be able to provide original documentation from a licensed medical professional. This documentation needs to clearly detail the customer’s existing permanent disability and come from the customer’s province of residency. The commitment to ensure that driving is made accessible comes from a mutual understanding of the necessity for mobility and a love for the open road.

Daniel Cheliadin
West Coast Kia

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