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Christina Makes Room With a Sporty Sportage

Congratulations to Christina for stopping by West Coast KIA and buying herself a Certified Pre-Owned 2016 KIA Sportage.  When sales representative Troy Plexman met Christina, he quickly realized that it was time for Christina to look at a newer vehicle that could take care of her family in a bigger way.

Even though she loved driving her older vehicle she knew that over time it wouldn’t take care of her growing family with something that presented more scale, versatility and peace of mind.

Quickly realizing that she wanted to stay with the manual transmission when Christina found her Sportage it was perfect for her and had less than 32,000kms.  After test driving the vehicle overnight and seeing how the kids and the dogs fit…of course she loved it and couldn’t wait to own it!  The next day it was smooth sailing and out with the old in with the new!

Welcome Christina and family to the West Coast KIA family, where the customer is always first!

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