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West Coast Kia Opening Soon!

267 Days have passed since we first broke ground for the new West Coast Kia Dealership.  Based on the current construction schedule we expect to open within the next 2 months.  Every day we watch as the building and grounds change.  When you visit our YouTube channel you can watch a photo montage that we have put together of the daily construction changes.

Once we have pavement we’ll be receiving our first shipment of Kia vehicles, we will also have a good selection of all make pre-owned vehicles.

If you’re already a Kia owner make sure to get in touch with us and have your information entered into our system so that we can notify you once we are open for business.

Your going to love the new dealership and the great customer service that West Coast Auto Group provides!

Day 267 of construction at West Coast Kia
100 – 19950 Lougheed Highway, Pitt Meadows
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