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West Coast Kia | Finance Manager | Meet Lidia Vlad

Lidia Vlad, one of the finance managers for West Coast Kia, loves to make the customers happy. She likes working with a company where she can have integrity and not be afraid to see a customer in the future. One of the phrases she hears quite often is “Wow, I’ve never felt like this when buying a car before.”

Lidia gets a lot of questions about the Kia Warranty. It offers 100,000 km or five years of protection and is an outstanding warranty for car buyers. She likes to talk to customers about the Kia warranty upgrade if they will be driving more than 20,000 km a year or financing for longer than the five years. It provides them with protection so that they don’t have unexpected repairs while still making their payments. They can get a reward for staying claim free and enjoy peace of mind.

Another product that Lidia feels strongly about is loan protection and life insurance. If someone is injured and cannot work, he or she must continue to make payments on the vehicle. Even if the person has insurance through the employer, it often only pays a percentage of the salary, which may not be enough to cover the cost of the loan payment.

If you would like to know more about the Kia Protect program or how to get financed for a new car, visit Lidia Vlad at West Coast Kia. She can help you understand the financial terms of a loan and the options available when purchasing a new vehicle. Experience something great with West Coast Kia.

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