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We were impressed with Ray’s honesty

Entering the Showroom we were greeted by Ray Yoo a friendly & courteous young man. We told him our required needs and what we were looking for. We were prepared for the high pressure sales approach !!!!

Ray showed us the vehicles that had our requirements and at no time did he try to persuade us to look at other cars. He was very knowledgeable about the product, its performance and answered all of our questions. We were impressed with Ray his honesty, his quiet sense of humor, his excitement when he talked about his family and his genuine respect for us customers and seniors.

Bev Van Dusen (Finance Manager) was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and helpful when we were deciding on options available to us.  She had a pleasant mannerism, low pressure approach and we felt comfortable with our time with her.

Daniel Cheliadin (Sales Manager) assisted in our purchase he was friendly, personable, courteous, efficient and a pleasure to deal with.  We left with a smile on our face.

– Pat & Edna Hayward


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