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They Were Really Good to Me at West Coast Kia

I’m Joan from Port Coquitlam, I bought a Kia Optima mostly because of my son, he had me going all over the place looking at different vehicles, and then this is kind of what we came up with.

I spent about a month looking for something. He really wore me out with all the snow that already happened and everything so I was really was chasing everywhere. Even Kelowna at one point I was supposed to go and look at something. It was really good, like I don’t hear that well and my son’s younger. I’ve never bought a vehicle myself before, so he did all the dealing for me everything, but it was really good. They were good to me even though I didn’t hear very good.

I would recommend it anytime, it was actually recommended by my son’s girlfriend who works with someone, and I guess an older lady. Her son had just gotten her to a place to buy one, and so then my son heard of it, and that’s why he told me to come here. It was really good. Everybody we dealt with here was really good.

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