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Theresa will bring her car back to West Coast KIA!

My name is Theresa Rigby and I own a 2006 KIA Magentis. I always took my car to Bay City KIA for service but once it closed I went to Coquitlam Kia once and never took my car back to the dealership again. This morning (Friday January 24th) I went to unlock my car and the drivers door wouldn’t unlock either from the inside or the outside. I had to climb over my console, it was awful. I heard that there was a dealership in Pitt Meadows and due to the nature of the problem I figured it was best to take it to a KIA dealership. I called service and spoke to Eric who told me to come down and have him take a look. He fiddled with the lock for a minute and got it open. Apparently the actualtor (?) was stuck and he fixed it in a minute. I was so happy I hugged him! He could have brought the car in the shop done the same thing and charged me 50 bucks and I would not have known the difference. I will definitely bring my car back to West Coast KIA for any future service. Thank you. I wanted you to know that you are doing a great job and Eric was wonderful.

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