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Kia Soul EV

Nathan sold a white Soul EV to Bill and Steph Cowgar. Great couple and loved helping them!

We are very happy to hear about their great experience with Nathan. Thank you Bill and Steph for you business and Welcome to the West coast Kia family!

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Glynis Takes Home an All-Electric the KIA Soul EV

There are times to do things that are new, fresh, and amazing so when Glynis knew it was time to consider getting into an all-electric the KIA Soul EV just stood out among the rest. Not only has KIA been offering the electric vehicle for a while now, but they also do them right! With such an amazing warranty to back her all-new electric vehicle, Glynis was very confident in her purchase. After contacting our Dealership and working with Troy Plexman, considering the Government grants, BC Scrap-it program and all-around good service, she is ready to take her new vehicle home. Thank you for your business, Glynis, we hope that you have many years of carefree driving ahead and welcome to the West Coast KIA family!


Jordan Saves Big on Fuel With His Soul EV

Jordan called about the Kia Soul EV and happened to get sales person John Ljubic.  John was only too eager to tell Jordan about the benefits of the EV Soul and was able to confirm some of the interesting facts that he had heard. Jordan stopped in for a test drive and went through the exploratory process with John during which time Jordan indicated that he was tired of paying $600 a month in fuel for a pickup truck that all he does is drive to and from work in.  John showed the Jordan how much he would be saving each month and over the next 5 years in reduced operating costs and it was easy from there. After the test drive and looking at the cost-saving numbers, this customer was sold! Congratulations Jordan from Team West Coast KIA and your salesperson John Ljubic.  Enjoy the savings.  Want to know more about the EV Soul or other options? Call one of our friendly sales staff at West Coast KIA today 604.460.9111


Andrew and Carolina travelled to West Coast KIA from Gibsons, BC to purchase their brand new KIA Soul EV.  This couple couldn’t be happier with the help provided by sales representative Pierre Comtois.  We thank you for your business and welcome you to the West Coast KIA family!


Taking Their Soul EV Home to Victoria

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Congratulations to Ken Miscisco’s friends from Victoria, BC on the purchase of their Kia Soul EV! We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you again!