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2018 KIA Sportage SX TURBO AWD

Karandeep Mudder taking delivery of his 2018 KIA Sportage SX TURBO AWD. Karan had some special requests that he required in a vehicle and was happy when sales consultant Ken Miscisco was able to fulfil all requests with the selection of the 2018 KIA Sportage SX TURBO AWD. With a host of features like panoramic sunroof, Navigation, heated/cooled leather seats, full smart phone integration with voice activation. Safety features like blind spot monitoring, emergency braking, lane departure and reversing HD camera, Karan was able to identify with the extreme value KIA provides with in all their vehicles compared to their competition. Coupled with the 5-5-5 warranty and the OWNERS PACKAGE, exclusive to WEST COAST KIA, it was an easy decision for Karan against other brands. Ken and the rest of the staff at West Coast Kia thank you for your business and welcome to the West Coast Kia family.