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2015 KIA Sorento SX AWD

Tania Has is All With a Sorento SX

Congratulations Tania on the purchase of your 2015 KIA Sorento SX AWD! With her 2006 Nissan Altima reaching over 175 000 kms, Tania decided it was time to start looking for a new vehicle. Referred by friend Sylvia to West Coast Kia, for the fair and professional service and our exclusive “OWNERS PACKAGE” she was happy to have sales consultant Ken Miscisco looking out for her needs.

With a specific options list of power liftgate, navigation, and a great stereo, Ken was excited to be able to bring the 2015 KIA Sorento right to Tania’s home for a test drive in her neighbourhood. Tania instantly fell in love with Sorento and by next day it was hers. Tania appreciated the no pressure service and that Ken even delivered the Kia Sorento to her home for a viewing and the test drive. Ken Miscisco and the rest of the staff at West Coast Kia thank-you for your business!