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2014 KIA Soul EX+

The Summer Sale Brings Denise a Soul EX+

Denise Rivet is taking delivery of her 2014 KIA Soul EX+! Denise was searching for a vehicle to replace her well used Honda but didn’t know if she wanted a car or SUV. After discussing her needs with sales consultant Ken Miscisco it became quite apparent to Ken that the KIA Soul was exactly what Denise was looking for. A vehicle that was easy to get in and out of, that had the benefits of an SUV and but drove and handled like a small car with lots of leg room and head room. The Kia Soul fit the bill. Couple that with West Coast KIA’s Exclusive Owner’s Package as well as the relaxed laid back no pressure approach and of course the great price during our end of Summer Sale convinced Denise this was the car and better yet the dealership and sales person she wanted. Ken Miscisco and the rest of the staff at West Coast Kia thank-you for your business and welcome to the West Coast Kia family!