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Just Wonderful Customer Service at West Coast Kia

My name is Judy Binge, we bought a Kia Sorento and it was actually our daughter has one and my husband driving it and of course, he phones me and says that we need to get one of those.

Honestly, it was a family referral. We actually had been looking around. We came here and the salesperson, Scott had come. My husband had come a couple of times and talked to him. He was really informative, and he was not pushy, he was really, he took us around he showed us how it works. He talked to us and basically left the decision to us so, and we knew as soon as we saw it that that’s what we’re going to buy.

Absolutely, I would refer them. I would refer them to other family and friends just for the wonderful service that we got, and everybody was friendly, and there was no pressure really. There was just good customer service!

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