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Just Bought my First EV from West Coast Kia Yesterday

Antonio shares with us on Google reviews:

Just bought my first EV from West Coast Kia yesterday! I was anxious, but the experience was made wonderful but the staff. I met Himi back in February 2022 when I put a deposit down on a Kia EV-6. She was helpful and informative. A few months back, as I was waiting for my car to come in, I decided to pop into the dealership unannounced to check on delivery timelines. I connected with Himi, mentioned my first name, and right away she recalled my last name. Amazing!

Her communication the whole time was excellent.

A few days after I got the call the my car had arrived, I did another unannounced pop-in and this time, Troy went out of his way to show me the car, and tell me more about it .

Finally yesterday, Lidia led me through the paperwork and Charlie walked me through all the features of the vehicle, sensitive to share enough information to make me feel comfortable, but not so much as to overwhelm me.

I’ve had previous experiences where I have spent all day closing a deal for a new car … it’s the worst! Yesterday, I was in and out with everything done, in about 2.5 hours. The experience was very well coordinated.

Thank you West Coast Kia team!!!

Thank you Antonio for taking the time to share your wonderful remarks for our team here at West Coast Kia. We are happy to hear the purchase of your first New Kia EV was a wonderful experience.

We hope you enjoy your beautiful New Kia!

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