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2015 KIA K900 Review

Ultimate in Luxury : 2015 KIA K900


New for 2014 is the 2015 KIA K900. This sedan is set to be the most luxurious sedan in its class. This full-size sedan comes with a new grille concept, awesome engine options, premium interior and the best in safety features.

The 2015 KIA K900 is built for those who want more from their vehicle. It is equipped with a 9.2-inch iPad-like navigation screen, smart cruise control, warm colours, premium materials. It also comes with a long wheelbase which creates limo-like rear seat legroom. The outer appearance of the 2015 KIA K900 has been shaped by the wind. It comes with clean, sleek lines, active LED-based headlights and a new heads-up display, sculpted rear end and impressives chrome accents.

The 2015 KIA K900 is based on the rear-drive Hyundai Equus platform. It comes with a smooth suspension for an unreal ride and a responsive transmission.

2014 Engines:

  • V6 : 311 horsepower

  • V8 : 420 horsepower

Come into West Coast KIA and get some information on the next best luxury sedan the 2015 KIA K900. This car changes the game when it comes to full-size power, space and refinement.

Daniel Cheliadin

West Coast KIA

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