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2015 Car Reliability Highlights | Kia and Hyundai Improve in Rankings

Consumer Reports

According to Consumer Reports’ 2015 Annual Auto Reliability Survey, Kia and Hyundai show strong improvement on providing reliable vehicles for today’s customers. The survey was provided to subscribers who reported on the vehicles they currently own. This report provides an indication of how reliable a new car purchased today would be based on three previous three models.

Kia finished sixth in the survey and beat out Honda for the first time. Six Kia models were reported on, which gave a broad overview of the company. Hyundai came in ninth place.

Two areas that gave most manufacturers issues for this survey are infotainment systems and new transmissions. Part of the issue is that technology changes at such a fast pace for small devices such as smartphones and tablets, and it follows behind at a much slower rate for automobiles. Drivers want their infotainment products on vehicles to be as intuitive and advanced as what they find on their smartphones.

The other problem is with the latest technology and innovations for transmissions, especially those with more speeds, such as the eight- and nine-speed transmissions. Manufacturers that rolled out new models with new transmissions often had more issues.

Congratulations goes to Kia for moving up in the ratings with new models that perform well for customers. If you’re looking to purchase a new Kia model, you can discover the latest features and technology at West Coast Kia. Drive one and see how it impresses you and experience something great.

Daniel Cheliadin
West Coast Kia

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